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Indian head massage came from ancient time of India many years ago. It is used to relieve pain and release tension by massaging the face, scalp, neck and shoulders.

How Indian Massage Can Help Your Body?

Our Indian head massage relieves your muscle tension and help you get a good night sleep. A peaceful night sleep can cure your stress related illness.

Indian head massage is the origin of a 5,000-year-old healing tradition used to relieve pain and stress. Common methods are body brushing, scalp massaging, and oiling the head. Visit our spa in Business Bay for an Indian massage.

indian massage spa business bay

Indian Massage in business bay

Indian head massage is a form of relaxation therapy that originated in India, and was developed as a form of alternative medicine. we have best Indian massage therapists available at Business Bay, Dubai.

Phoenix Lake Spa Business Bay

Benefits of a Indian Massage

Indian head massage is an ancient full body nature technique of Ayurveda.

Reduce Muscle Pain

Ancient Indian head massage is very effective for pain relief. It is our main speciality. For a conclusion, we know you’ll be coming back!

Better Health

Our practitioners are trained in the ancient art of Indian Head Massage. They use their thumbs on different pressure points to relieve pain and tension. It is often used to cope with headaches, migraines, stiff necks, low back pain, shoulder aches, and many other ailments.

Tension Relief

When you’re feeling stressed, try our ancient Indian head massage. It will relieve your pain and leave you feeling relaxed.

Improve Muscles

Indian Head Massage is a low-impact treatment that helps relieve headaches, migraines, neck and back pain, stress and other common discomforts.

Phoenix Lake Spa is located in the Business Bay area. You can easily find our location. If you need location on whatsapp just message us!

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Indian Head Massage is a gentle, relaxing and therapeutic form of bodywork. It is practiced around the globe by both massage therapists and non-massage therapists.

Indian Massage Business Bay

Our certified Indian head massage therapists get rid of your aches and pains. They use their firm thumbs to apply pressure to certain points in your head and neck, releasing tension from all the areas that cause discomfort.

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Pamper yourself with a relaxing Indian massage at our phoenix spa bussiness bay

Come relax at our amazing day spa and we’ll treat you right.

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